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Blogs, Thoughts, Poems and Presentations: Nitin Shrotri @PeaPeaspot

Hello and thank you for visiting.

I have added two photographs above which mean a lot to me. Acknowledgement by one’s peers is probably the highest accolade in one’s professional life, and I am grateful to so so many for receiving the BAUS Gold medal for 2022 in June. Without support from my colleagues, nothing would have been possible.

This site contains:

-A new blog in The Physician, a journal published by BAPIO

-A recent paper on CESR

-A brief paper on Integrated working between NHS 1* & 2* Care

-My BMA Blogs, thought provoking, hard hitting, yet constructive

-Comments on BMJ articles or other sites, frank and honest

-A book of 80+ poems, I wrote in the first lockdown, on 10 different topics supporting my local charity for the homeless

-PowerPoint presentations, in Speaking Up, on topics, where EDI is an issue

-A precis of the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita translated into English by my mother (for those that may have that interest).

Please read and interact with me on Twitter @PeaPeaspot Thank you.

BLOG in The Physician

A recent paper in the RCS Trainee Bulletin

Paper on Integrated working

BMA Blog Posts (24 Jun 2022) (28 Jan 2022) (9 Dec 2021) (25 Oct 2021) (21 May 2021)

The case for grandparents, and indefinite leave to remain (5 Feb 2021)

Acknowledgement and action: race issues in the NHS (26 Jan 2021)

Help to rise up through the ranks (13 Nov 2020)



Hi all. During the Covid-19 crisis, I started writing poems – nearly one a day! They were, perhaps more, thoughts in verse. I have collected them into a book, which you can download here:

If you enjoy them, please donate a few pounds to Catching Lives, a charity for the homeless, in Canterbury, Kent. I have wanted to support the charity ever since I attended a talk in which one of the volunteers spoke to us about the excellent work they do in the area. You can read more about the charity here, or donate here.

Some of my thoughts have been published as blogs. Please read, enjoy and feel free to message me on Twitter @PeaPeaspot.

Thank you for visiting.

Presentation at RCS SAS Stakeholder group: 29/4/22

Presentation on SAS@BAUS & GIRFT for CESR

Presentation for application as GIRFT Lead 2019

Presentation on Barriers to Research at BAUS 2017

The Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, translated in brief by my mother

My mother, Mrs Nalini Chandrakant Shrotri, wrote this in English, translating from Sanskrit. It is a very short translation of the Adhyayas, for those that may be interested.

The Shrimad Bhagwad Gita